Sunday, June 05, 2011

Chateau Frank Celebre' Sparkling Rose

Had dinner with Dominique, David and Kathy Jackson, and Julia Burke (beer editor at NYCR) at Local 111. in the spirit of frivolity and fun, DOminique an Kathy ordered a bottle of Celebre' sparkling rose from Chateau Frank. We love Local 111 and chef Josephine. Incredible local gourmet food from all the farmers we work side by side with. She knows how to do it right.

Chateau Frank of course was founded by Willy Frank, son of Dr. Konstantin Frank. Chateau Frank specialized in sparkling wines, wherein Dr. Frank had first gained his fame making the best sparkling wine in the country at the time for Charles Fournier, of Gold Seal.

Willy was an important man. While his father helped establish vinifera on the east coast, it was Willy who enforced good practices to ensure quality wine, and became the Johnny Appleseed of the Finger Lakes, sewing the good name of Dr. Frank and Finger Lakes riesling long before the Finger Lakes Wine Country was born, or held sway as it does now (again, as always, kudos to Morgen McLaaughlin for all she has accomplished).

Anyway, the wine was served. And it was exceptional. Lot's a light berries, strawberries, and light rapsberry essence, were on the nose, with a big flavor up front finished with a citrus ending. Fantastic! Absolutely the right way to start ff any event!