Saturday, April 23, 2011

Long Point Winery Zinfandel 2006

Gary Barletta (who co-owns the winery with wife Rosemary) was introduced to the joy of winemaking by his grandfather at a young age. Like many Italian grandfathers he made wine out of his basement in Syracuse, New York.

After receiving his undergraduate degree from Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Gary returned home to his native Syracuse. In 1981 Gary began his employment at Cortland Memorial Hospital (now Cortland Regional Medical Center)and there met his future wife, Rosemary. They eventually made a home together and Gary moved the wine equipment that he inherited from his grandfather into their basement. Gary continued the winemaking tradition that had been passed down to him from his grandfather.

Gary and Rosemary's dream to build a winery was realized in January of 1999 when construction began for what would become Long Point Winery, near Cayuga Lake. Today, Long Point winery is considerably larger, and very well established.

The other night, while admittedly looking for another wine, I happend upon a a dusty bottle of Long Point Zinfandel 2006. It was like fate had handed me an easy win.

The color was gorgeous, with a dark garnet color. And the wine smelled wonderful, with big deep breaths of black fruits likeblackberries, dark raspberries, and eve a hint of cassis. There were also whiffs of anise, coffee and a slight touch of cocoa. The wine was a big, jammy glass of dark raspberry and blackberry, as promised, with hints of black tea and mocha. Big fruit up front, with nice acidity and medium tannins. This was a lovely red. Very lovely.

Congrats to Gary and Rosemary!