Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gary Bartaletta of Long Point Winery: The East Coast Wineries Interview

Gary and Rosemary Bartaletta established Long Point Winery in 1999 when they constructed their winery. Long Point Winery is located on the east side of Cayuga Lake on scenic Route 90 in Aurora, New York. The winery sits on 72 acres of land overlooking beautiful Cayuga Lake. Guests are treated to a tasting of fine wines and the spectacular view that the tasting room provides. Long Point was almost an instant success, or so it seemed, until I read the book. It was frought with a lot of work, a host of setbacks, and lots of passion. Since we're reviewing the new book SEASON OF A FINGER LAKES WINERY by John C. Hartsock, I thought it would be a good idea to get Gary to respond to the East Coast Wineries Interview. Here are his responses:

What is the biggest challenge facing wine in your state today?
Competing with imports and other alcohol beverages.

What is the difference between wines in your region from tenyears ago to today?
Quality has become better.

Where do you think wine in your region will be 10 years from now?
Where California was when it made its impact on the world.

What's the trend in wine in your region that has surprised you the most in the last 2-5 years?
Mid-priced wines leading over low or high-endwines

Is there a new trend you expect to see in the next 2-3 years?
Bargain priced wines; good quality for goodprice instead of high priced wines

Do you find liquor stores and wine shops have been a good partner for your state grown wines?


What have been some challenges?
Not enough shelfspace.

Regional wineries sometimes find it hard to sell wines outsideof their state. How easy or difficult is it for your wineries to export their wines to other states?countries?
Very difficult due to different licensing fees, excise tax and sales tax.

How big a part do festivals and farm markets play in your state's wine distribution?
Big part creates a one stop shopping toexpose wineries to buyers market

What are the challenges of getting your wines covered by local press and the wine media?
Local press and media do a greatjob in our area.

Are their any media streams that you have found that aremore effective than not?
Radio and Internet advertising.

Are there any fears you may have too many wineries in yourstate?
No, wine consumption is up.

Do you have any wine trails in your state? If so, howeffective have they become? If not, why? How do your wineries effectivelymarket themselves in groups? Or not? If not, why not?
Yes. Cayuga Wine Trail oldest Trail in US. Collective advertising and trailevents.

Are you finding there are enough grape growers to fill the demand created by wineries in your state?
Yes at this point.