Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gabriele Rausse Cabernet Sauvgnon 2005

Gabriele Rausse is the father of wine in Virginia. He was the first winemaker at Barboursville, and was there for quite some time. After that he helped establish anothe winery, and since has consulted for many wineries throughout the state. He now has his own winery and label under his own name.

On February 25, 2011 Gabriele was recognized for his contributions to Virginia wine...see story below. Well done, and congrats, Gabriele!

The only problem is he doesn't have a tastingroom, so the only way you can get Gabriele Rausse is to find it when your searching a liquor store shelf.

The other night we had company over and we were tweeting about some wines. One of the wines we had that night was a spectacular Gabriele Rausse Cabernet Sauvignon 2005. I had found it on a shelf in a VA wine store when I had been down south last month. What a find.

Now with wine friends over, it was the perfect time to pull out this bottle to impress the crowd. And did it ever! It was big and lush, with dark plum, prune, and raspberries on the nose and on the palate. The acid and tannins were beautifully balanced. The wine was rich and luxurious. A fantastic find! Whenever you find a Gabriele Rausse, you have to grab it up. You never know when you'll find another one!

Monticello’s Gabriele Rausse recognized for service to the Virginia wine industry March 31, 2011 by Lisa Stites posts/rausse-recognized
Monticello’s Assistant Director of Gardens and Grounds Gabriele Rausse was recognized for his service to the Virginia wine industry during the 4th annual Virginia Wine Expo, held in Richmond, Virginia on February 25.

Gabriele accepts the VA Agribusiness Council's 2011 Distinguished Service Award Donna Pugh Johnson from the Virginia Agribusiness Council presented Rausse with the 2011 Distinguished Service Award. The award is presented to an individual for meritorious service to the Council and the State’s agribusiness industry.

"Over the years, we have honored many worthy individuals within the agribusiness industry,” said Pugh Johnson. “But none have yet been referred to as “The Father” of an industry sector.”

Rausse was recognized for the significant impact he has made working with vineyards throughout the Commonwealth, including Barboursville Vineyards, which became the first commercial Vinifera winery in the state. Rausse has served as a consultant and mentor to many individuals starting out in the wine industry. He has also served as an instructor for the University of Virginia’s “Travel and Learn Program,” as well as Piedmont Community College’s enology program. Rausse helped to begin the wine competition at the State Fair of Virginia. In 1996, he was named Virginia Wine Person of the Year. He has also received the Gordon W. Murchie Lifetime Achievement Award.

One Agribusiness Council member noted, “Without Gabriele’s hard work and dedication to push ideas forward, what we know is now a leading Virginia industry of wine would not exist. He is, in many ways, the “Father of the modern Virginia Wine Industry.”