Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alba Vineyards Riesling 2009

Of course, we needed a white wine for the Easter holiday, and again I decided to keep it local, very local, and so I chose a New Jersey wine. The choice was easy. We had a riesling fan in the house, and I neededa good riesling. Alba Vineyards came to mind.

Built in 1805, this historic barn now houses their winery and tasting room, as well as the Musconetcong Art Gallery. Within the old stone walls, the aroma of fermenting and aging wine fills the air. Remarkable care was taken in converting the 190-year-old structure into a modern, efficient winemaking facility. The character of the limestone walls and old oak beam framing has not been lost with the installation of modern equipment; in fact, the new lighting system serves to reveal the inherent beauty of the stonework as never before.

Alba's Riesling 2009 had an exceptional floral aroma, There was honeysuckle, tropical fruits, grapefruit and ineapple. The wine has incredible mouthfeel with lovely green apple and other tropical fruits, and a slightly citrus ending. The fruit is fresh, with a solid amount of acidity, but a sweetness that balances out. It's refreshing, clean, and crisp.

A really, really nice riesling. It was a nice addition to our celebration and was very, very well recieved. Excellent!