Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where's Richard Olsen-Harbich?

Where's Richard Olsen-Harbich? It seems he's everywhere this winter...almost inescapable at this point.

In the fall he was featured on the Edible Blog.

Then this spring he appeard in Eric Miller's new book, THE WINEMAKER'S APPRENTICE (review to come).

The in Edible East End winter issue his first new wine at Bedell, First Crush, recieved a rave review from wine critic Robert Simonson. It was a Beaujolais styled wine made with Merlot and Cabernet Franc using carbonic maceration.

And he appeared in the same issue, under a separate article about Oz Clarke, who returned to his old neighborhood, Long Island, when he visited back in the Fall, and went to visit none-other-than, you guessed it, Richard Olsen-Harbich.

Why was he lavished with all this praise - well, my belief (and many others as well) is that Richard Olsen-Harbich is the most talented wine maker on the east coast.

He is an incredible talent. He is technically talented at the bench work in the lab. He understands what's going on in the vineyard, and good fruit in his hands is like a good brush in the hand of a masterpainter. And he loves to play on the cutting edge, constantly pushing the envelope of winemaking, experimenting with wild yeasts, natural fermentations, and other fun ideas.

Where's Richard Olsen-Harbich? Luckilly, he's on the east coast!