Monday, March 21, 2011

Oregon Ducks Sell Wine in New York City

This is a wonderful example of how other regions view New York City as a n sales channel and influence maker.

From Wines & Vines
Oregon Wineries Romance New York
by Peter Mitham

New York, N.Y. —Residents of the Big Apple got a taste of Northwest fruit during a recent expedition to showcase the bounty of Oregon—and Willamette Valley wineries in particular.

“We brought fresh Dungeness crab with us, we brought mushrooms with us, we brought great wine with us, we brought a lot of great energy with us,” said Lynn Penner-Ash, winemaker and a principal of Penner-Ash Wine Cellars in Newberg, Ore.Winemakers from 50 wineries participated in what was billed as an “Oregon Wine Flight to New York” Feb. 14-15.

The events included a trade tasting that drew 300 participants, a 350-strong consumer tasting and a dinner for consumers showcasing Penner-Ash and two other wineries.The dinner attracted 65 people (and many more enquiries) and capitalized on the romance and experiences people associated with the state.

...“Whatever we do to bring attention to the wines of Oregon, it’s good for everybody,” Sue Horstmann, executive director of the Willamette Valley Wineries Association said. “When people in New York discover our Pinots, they discover more about the state and they come to visit here. They will have opportunities to taste other varietals and go to other regions.”

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