Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grayson Hartley Joins Haight-Brown Winery in Connecticut

Haight-Brown Vineyard Gets A New Addition
Submitted by Tina A Torizzo, Haight-Brown Vineyard, on 2011-03-10.
Hartford Courant

Grayson Hartley, winemaker.Haight-Brown Vineyard, the state's oldest winery, has recently recruited a new wine maker trained in Napa, California, to lead it into the future of wine making.

Grayson Hartley, originally from Connecticut then trained and ripened in Napa, still holds the traditional New England values that the historic winery is steeped in. The Browns purchased Haight Vineyard four years ago. Since then, they have made many changes to the interior and exterior of the winery. Hiring a new wine maker is the last piece of the puzzle.

Hartley will begin the year commanding rejuvenation and reconstruction of the vineyards and wines.You can have a chance to hear Grayson's story, his background and what he has in store for Haight-Brown Vineyard at the winery's upcoming Barrel Tasting on April 16 and 17.

Jamie Whetstone of Manifesto wines, wrote of Grayson, "Grayson Hartley, my partner on the winemaking front, is a f*%$ing incredible and insanely talented vigneron (a winemaker with deep roots in the vineyard). His read on the vineyard is tight and his progression in the cellar is something to watch." Well, that's an opinon.

Sounds like Haight-Brown has he right man though!