Sunday, March 20, 2011

2007 Trio - 3 Winery Effort for One Pennsylvania Meritage

I read about this while catching up on my reading of some older Paul Vigna posts. This is a remarkable effort that wsn't nearly publicized enough. This is like Tierce in New York, but in Pennsylvania. Great idea!!!

The 2007 Trio is a collaborative winemaking venture between Allegro Vineyards, Manatawny Creek Winery, and Pinnacle Ridge Winery.

What started as just an off-the-wall idea has matured into an imminently drinkable and ageable wine. The 2007 was a wonderful vintage, producing some of the best wines of this decade. They thought it would be an interesting concept to take the best of what they had in our cellars and blend it together. It turned out the blend is about as different as they are.

Each one of them--Joanne from Manatawny Creek, Brad from Pinnacle Ridge, and Carl Helrich from Allegro Vineyards--contributed 4 barrels each to the blend. (This mean there's not much of it to go around.) Kris contributed Merlot and Cabernet Franc, Joanne added Syrah and Cabernet Franc, and Brad brought in his Syrah and Merlot. So, it's basically one-third each of all the varietals. The wine was aged for about a year and a half at each one of their respective wineries, and then blended at Joanne's place. It was just recently bottled, and it already is showing well.

The wine is about as fruit-forward a wine as you'll ever see associated with Allegro. The oak is very tame, and the tannins are very supple. The wine has a core of dark fruit that lingers. It's hard to imagine how drinkable it is, and it still hasn't come out of the shock of being bottled yet.

"A lot of you might know that back in 2009 I teamed up with a couple other winemakers in Pennsylvania to create the first cooperative red blend in the state. We took as our model the wine Tierce produced by Fox Run, Red Newt, and Anthony Road up in the Finger Lakes in New York. But, being more interested in reds, we turned our thoughts to the really nice, full-bodied wines from the 2007 vintage," said Carl Helrich on his blog.

It's a great idea. Here's hoping I can get my hands on a bottle.

And here's Paul Vigna's much more complete post on the subject: