Monday, February 28, 2011

Swedish Hill Riesling Cuvee

Had some friends over for dinner last weekend, and they brought a special gift, Swedish Hill Riesling Cuvee'. A sparkling riesling. We were very excited by this gift. It's a imited run wine after all. We served the wine with Hudson Red cheese from Twin Maple Farm and crackers, as well as with several types of bruchetta made by the guests.

Winemaker Ian Barry's wine was fabulous. There was a burst of green apple and kiwi, as well as a floral note on the nose. And a hint of bread. The apple and kiwi came through, as well as a wonderful finish. It was interesting, because the fruit was big, and added to the mouthfeel, but the finish, between the slight hint of sweetness and the acidity from the fruit, the wine balanced out beautifully.

They usually limit purchases of this to one per person, so this is not an esy to find wine. But if you can get your hands on it, it's an absolute winner!