Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Final Act: Kluge House is Foreclosed and Put Up For Sale

Kluge was one of the most high profile wineries in Virginia, and certainly on the east coast. Their descent into the shuttering of the great wine estate and the foreclosure of the grand Albemarle House is a sad debacle, written about exceedingly well by Lisa Provence.

Reversal of fortune: Albemarle House goes on the block
By Lisa Provence
Published 6:19pm Tuesday Jan 18, 2011 in issue #1003
The Hook

For former billionaire's wife Patricia Kluge, the auctions, the lawsuits, and the loss of the winery bearing her name combined to make 2010 seem to be a very bad year, an annus horribilis as the Queen of England once quipped. Unfortunately for Kluge, 2011 may be worse.

Last year, Kluge put her jewelry, furnishings, and even her clothes up for auction in a bid to stave off creditors. Yet in December, she and her husband, a one-time state wine leader, lost their 960-acre winery to foreclosure, crushing the couple’s dream of bringing high-quality Virginia wine to the national market.

Now, another auction looms. Albemarle House, the mansion where Patricia Kluge once entertained kings, princes, and U.S. presidents in haute grandeur, has been foreclosed upon.
"That house was built at a time when an inkling of that style existed," says architect David Easton, who designed Albemarle House. "The issue in this day and age: It is not 1900."

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