Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cornelius Applejack from Harvest Spirits

The Harvest Spirits, located at Golden Harvest Farm (a thrid generation farm located in Valatie, NY), is a small and artful distillery. Though it can only distill 100 gallons at a time, it is flexible and precise enough to create some of the country's very best vodka, eau de vie, and apple jack..

While the distillery focuses primarily on vodka, their distilling equipment can produce virtually any kind of liquor, from gin and whiskey to exotics like cacha├ža, agave spirits and medicinal bitters.

One of the things they make is Cornelius Applejack. As they like to say, "This is not your father's apple jack."

Since colonial times, traditional applejack was made by freezing barrels of hard cider during the long winter months, then tapping and removing the alcoholic center. This was a powerful and harsh liquor, since it concentrated all of the alcohols — both good and bad. Since we carefully distill Cornelius Applejack 3 times, their version offers a smoother, more satisfying take on this American classic.

Carefully distilled and rested in premium bourbon barrels, Cornelius Applejack is made from 100% Hudson Valley apples, homegrown on their 200 acre family fruit farm. Each bottle is made from over 60 lbs. of fresh apples grown steps from our distillery.

I poured some in front of the fireplace last night. We had company over, and we had the fireplace lit, and blankets over us, as we talked and caught up with old friend. I poured sme Cornelius in a brandy snifter for aptimum effect. It smelled lke fresh poured cide with alcohol. But you could also smell a hint of the bourbon and a whiff of maple. It's a light, golden spirit, mellow and smooth.

Very, very nice.