Thursday, January 27, 2011

Castello di Borghese Cabernet Franc 2006

I cannot tell a lie, it's been quite some time since I was last at Castello di Borghese.

This of course started out as the Hargrave Vineyard, the oldest vineyard on Long Island.
Since 1999, the first vineyard on the North Fork has been in the creative hands of Prince Marco and Princess Ann Marie Borghese, who promptly renamed it Castello di Borghese -- Castle of the Borgheses. The 2003 season marked the 30th anniversary of this founding vineyard of the Long Island wine industry. Ann Marie and Marco continue to apply new levels of energy, watching the vineyard evolve graciously under their stewardship.

The new owners have expanded the vineyard in Long Island, redesigned the tasting room and set up a cafe-like seating area, one indoors and another outdoors, to allow people a greater degree of relaxation when tasting the ever-expanding selection of Castello di Borghese wines.

Just last night I shared with friends the Castello di Borghese Cabernet Franc 2006. Their Cab Franc is a medium-bodied, Loire-style red. Indeed, it's somehwat more like a deep Pinot noir. There's bright cherry up front. And then there's black pepper, ground spices, blackberries and a grounding earthiness as promised. The wine is aged in vintage European oak barrels.
Very, very nice!