Friday, December 24, 2010

Shaw Vineyard Pinot Noir Finger Lakes 2007

Steve Shaw is one of my favorite winemakers. Truly. Firstly, he's a world class guy. He's always friendly and direct. If you ask him his opinion, he will give it to you. But don't expect the answer you want. He won't hold back.

The other reason I like him so much is that while Shaw Vineyards is still relatively new (Steve has been in the business though almost his whole life), they have struck a chord with many wine writers for one good simple reason - when Steve attempts to make a new wine, he's always trying to make the possible possible wine in the category. Not all succeed, but in one tasting, you recognize right away that this is a house that's trying t put forth quality, market ready wine.

I can say without blanching, that I am never, ever afraid to plunk down my money on a Shaw wine. How many wineries can you say that about, California, East Coast, Europe, where ever? Few wineries achieve reputations like that.

That's why I slapped my money down at Fox & Hound Wines in New Paltz the other day, and risked it all on a Shaw Pinot Noir Finger Lakes 2007. And boy am I happy I did.

I tasted this alongside a Nuits St. Georges and a bottle of Fiddlehead Pinot Noir. And let me tell you, the Shaw Vineyard held its own just fine! The nose was a big pop of bright cherries with a whiff of vanilla and a hint of spice? But once I to0k a sip it was all cherries. Bright and dark. What an incredible mouthfeel. Fabulous!!! Nice soft finish. Lot's of structural integrity. Classic, touch of pepper finish. Just absolutely excellent.

Belongs up there with Heart & Hands, Oak Summit, and Millbrook. Excellent!