Thursday, December 09, 2010

Peconic Bay Chardonnay "La Barrique" 2007

Big fan of Peconic Bay wines, and this newest one I tried was an incredible find.

At a Holiday Party, on the table, was a Peconic Bay Chardonnay "La Barrique" 2007. This is a unique blend of clonal chardonnays. This is a real artisanal wine. This wine was made in the classic Burgundian fashion, in fresh new French oak, with the yeast being stirred weekly.

It reminded me of a refreshing Montrachet. The mineral flavors leapt out of the glass, and the wonderful hints of citrus and a touch of tropical notes wowed me. This is my kind of chardonnay. There was a touch of creaminess, but it smoothed out the wine. Sometimes that kind of mouthfeel can ruin it for me. Too over powering. But this was an incredible white wine, with a big burst of flavor upfront, and a nice finish.

Recently I admitted I am not a real chardonnay fan, but a couple of recent tastings have been turning my hand. This wine especially was a great find! A great wine, that will impress even the biggest wine snob you know.