Saturday, December 18, 2010

Legends Vineyard Cabernet Sauvingon 2005 Maryland

Legends Vineyard is one of the newer vineyards to open up in Harford County and is located at 521 Asbury Road in Churchville, Maryland.

Over 2100 vines were planted in April 2008 including Merlot, Viognier, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay. Ashby and Carrie Everhart are the proprietors. Their love of wine and winemaking quickly became more than a hobby. Their dreams of owning a vineyard became a reality when they found an ideal site in Harford County.

The Everharts are active members of the Maryland Wineries Association and the MGGA. Ashby is the wine maker and Carrie designs the artwork and oversees marketing and sales. Both stay abreast of new growing techniques and fermentation processes, with the goal of producing the most enjoyable wine possible. Greg O'Hare is a partner and Legends' plant consultant. He has been an integral part of the planting, growing, and caretaking of the vineyard.

The winery opened on September 1, 2008. For a young winery, they collected numerous awards at the last two Maryland Governors Wine Competitions.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the Legends Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2008. It was aged in American and French barrels. The wine was released in March 2009. The medium-bodied red has a lovely garnet color, and starts with a nice nose full of dark raspberries, dark cherries, and a hint of red cassis. There are also hints of vanilla and the slightest touch of earth.
The taste is a slightly lighter than what you'd expect, but I like it alot. It's not a California Cab, if that's what you're looking for. No, it's more a light red, a table red, but more sophisticated than that. Imagine what Burgundians would have done with Cabernet Sauvignon, for example. It's light in style, but big on flavor. It's very nice. It's got big flavors up front, nice acidity, and has a smooth finnish due to low tannins. But its got a classic Cabernet Sauvignon finnish. A very lovely drinking wine. Great with pasta, pizza, grilled meats, a nice hunk of Parmesean cheese. Something you'd be proud to pour your friends - and it's local!
Very, very nice!