Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Berkshire Homestyle Raves About New England Wines as Holiday Wines

In the November 2010 of Berkshire Homestyle magazine, Fred P. Tregaski raved about a variety of wines. Pleasantly, he mentioned, along with French counterparts, some local wines for the holiday.
Chief among the recommendations was SMV (Sunset Meadows Vineyards of Goshen, CT) Twisted Red (a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and several other grapes), which he rally raved about (and with which I agree); Haight Brown Vineyards Riesling from Litchfield, CT by their new winemaker Grayson Hartley, with a big tropical fuit nose and a clean mineral finish, also very good (he also claimed Grayson would make a huge diference there over the next few years - and again, I agree); Clinton Vineyards (Clinton Corners, NY) Peach Gala, which he said was a Blini in a bottle and he found Phyllis Feder enchanting (also with which I agree), and Hudson-Chatham sparkling Pomme Bulle, a sparkling, hard farm cider (to which I have an obvious connection).

A great article, and better yet, great recommendations!