Saturday, November 13, 2010

Great Retailing Suggestions for New York Wine Retailors (and other wine retailors from all states) from Jim Silver of Peconic Bay

Recently I went to a winery/wine retailor roundtable. Many people spoke. Lots of good ideas were mentioned. The roundtable was sponsored by the Last Store on Main Street Coalition and the Retailors Association, and the two main agents were Tom from Fox and Hound Wines and Spirits in New Paltz, and Jeff Saunders. I have to give credit to these two men. They are doing everything they can try try and bring the wineries and the stores together. Obviously, they have their own motivations, however, they also have the bigger picture in mind. They understand that the stores and the wienries need each other, no matter how difficult either side can seem to be.

But I saw someone there who didn't speak up, who I deeply respect - Jim Silver of Peconic Bay Winery. I think Jim is one of the classiest managers in the New York wine trade, so I sought him out for some ideas.

More than many who wanted big, multi channels funds, and big, long term programs, he had some simple ideas that are easy to implement now and would really add some zing to holiday sales for both the wineries and the stores. Jim was specifically talking about New York, but actually his message would work just as well down in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, or some other regions.

"I’d like to see a guidebook for retailers on what simple steps they can take today to sell more wine. It can be called “You Can’t Outsource Local Wine, a guide to keeping our business local,” said Silver.

I thought this was a great idea! Consider this the booklet you've been waiting for! And these are some suggestions stores can do today!

1) Move two NY (or two local wines) wines from the shelf to the cold box.

2) Take the five slowest French wines you have, close them out, and replace them with five new NY wines.

3) Swap out your Australian section with your NY section (Australian sections always seem to have better placement, but the wines have slowed).

4) Put up a sign and remind your sales people that says “Buying local wines protects jobs, protects farmland, and provides tax revenues that keep taxes lower.”

5) Pick a Thanksgiving wine from NY and recommend it to your customers, one white, one red, and one rose.

6) Include NY in your holiday baskets.

7) Pick two new NY wines and CASE-STACK them on the floor next to Yellow Tail, Cavit or DuBeouf.

8) Ask for in-store tastings from NY winery reps and owners through the holidays. They will be happy to help out at this time of year!

The nice part of Jim's suggestions is this can all be done right now, and if a percentage of the Metro Associates members did this, the impact would be huge.

As usual, great job, Jim! Simplicity is its own elegance.