Friday, September 17, 2010

Shelburne Vineyards Cayuga White 2009 and Artisanal Cheeses From Vermont

My esteemed brother-in-law, Robin Hoover, of The Alchemist, in Waterbury, Vermont came to visit just not too long ago. We were very happy to see him. He had come to help with some work on our farm, and he had come baring gifts. How much can one ask of his own brother-in-law? As thes kinds of things go, Robin is a very good dude, and he is welcome any time.

"I come bearing gifts," boasted Robin. And so I took the bait and asked what, he just chickle and told me I'd see.

What I saw was fantastic. He brought a plate of exceptional Vermont artisanal cheeses and hand baked bread. It was mouthwatering. There were five cheeses. I can name three of them only, as I lost the other labels. Sorry, my idiocy shows through every once in a while.

Von Trapp Cellars Ona. Very nice soft, rind cheese, somewhat like a Tome. Vermont Creamery Double-Cream Cremont, a mixture of cow's milk and goat's milk. Wonderful. And Lazy Lady Farm La Roche, a fabulous fresh goat cheese. There was also a creamy, delicious blue cheese, and a wonderful Vermont cheddar. All served with fresh, handmade baked Vermont bread.

And of course my imaginative brother-in-law brought Shelburne Vineyards Cayuga White 2009. And of course we chilled it.

Located on the shores of Lake Champlain, in Shelburne, Vermont, Shelburne Vineyards sates on their website: "From vine to glass, we strive to make the finest quality wine from Northern Varietal Grapes grown right here on our vineyards and regionally sourced from other Northern growers. With a lush Vermont landscape as its backdrop, our state of the art winery and tasting room sits nestled among the vines." Shelburne has a good reputation and is among the most widely distributed wineries in the state.

The white wine was chilled and ready to stand up to the cheeses. It was a most excellent companion to this cheese plate. The Cuyuga was blended wih touch of chardonnay and riesling. The wine was dry and crisp. It had lovely, citrusy notes up front, which made it extremely refreshing with the cheese. This is an excellent white table wine. It won a Gold Medal at the 2010 Big E wine awards.

It was a great nite, and after a long day on the farm, the adults were very happy with the wine and the cheese. A lovely expereince. I recommend it highly!!!!