Friday, September 17, 2010

The Heritage Station Vineyard Experience in New Jersey

I first tasted Heritage Station at Wineries Unlimited, and was duly impressed. This past August, while vacationing in New Jersey, and visiting the New Jersey shore, Dominique and I and the boys went and visited Heritage Station. We wanted to see it for ourselves.

Heritage Station is owned and operated by Bill, Penni and Richard Heritage. These three individuals are 5 th and 6 th generation farmers with an unrelenting passion for making great wine.

Established in 2001, this is one of the most well respected wineries in the state of New Jersey. Almost all of our wines have received medals and recognition for their outstanding quality. They make an excellent, exceptional Chambourcin. Their 2005 Chambourcin won the N.J.Governor’s Cup for one of the best red wines in the State.

The winery and vineyard sit on 100 acres of farm land. They have approximately 20 acres of vineyards and the rest is made up apples, peaches and pears left over from the previous generation.

The tasting room was large, airy and contained and outdoor fresh fruit and vegetables stand. Inside was a lovely counter filled with baked goods, and another refrigerated case filled the local and imported cheeses.

Then we went to the tasting bar.

Vinter's Reserve Chardonnay
This wine was a wonderful surprise. According to the Heritages, "New Jersey ’s 2007 growing season was near perfect for grapevines. Top-quality chardonnay grapes from Heritage Vineyards were barrel fermented, a procedure that produces some of the world’s greatest white wines from Burgundy & California . Secondary malolactic fermentation added further richness & complexity." The ripe pear, lemon custard & fig tart flavors all come through as promised. Cream, and toasted vanilla also come through. The finish is long, rich & buttery smooth as advertised. I have to tell you, this was a real wow of a taste.

Jersey White
This was another shocker. It's got to be one of their most popular wines. An inexpensive, semi-sweet bright, crisp white. Nice amunt of acidty balances out the sweetness, so the sweetness isn;t a burden. Peaches and crisp red apples come through on this light, white blend. A great sipping wine. Really, really nice. Refreshing! Dominique loved this, so you know it's good.

As much as we liked the whites, it's the reds where Heritage Station absolutely shone bright.

Steel Rails Red
This was a Bordeaux style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Francand Merlot. It was aged in new oak barrels. Touches of plum and light cherry are rounded with a hint of vanillan and touch of espresso. This was a really, really lovely red table wine. An instant winner. Dominique liked this one too! Great job!

2007 Cabernet Franc
This is a limited production wine. Their Cabernet Franc is blended with 10% Merlot. It's a wonderful, spicey red, and finishes with a nice light touch of lead pencil and pepper.
WORLD WINE CHAMPIONSHIPS AWARD: Silver Medal Rating: 88 Points (Highly-Recommended)

2007 Chambourcin
Chambourcin is hot in the Middle Atlantic states. Andd this one is a doosie! This is a big, dense red/purple wine. Lots of deep plum a touch of prune, nice dark cherry flavors all come through. Nice balance of fruit and oak. Fabulous finish. A classic red, elegant and refined. One of the best Chambourcin's on the east coast!!
GRAND HARVEST AWARD: Silver Medal Rating: 90 Points (Highly-Recommended)
Afterwards, we went to a restaurant named Tosca. They served Heritage Station wines, so I ordered Four Cheese Gnocchi, and had it with the Heritage Station Merlot. Dominique and I were thrilled, and te afternoon could not have ended better!
A great experience!!!!