Thursday, September 09, 2010

Cisco Brewing Indie Pale Ale

Cisco Brewing is part of a triple threat operation at Nantucket Vineyards, Cisco Brewing, and Triple Eight Distillery. Cisco Brewing does some very nice, high end brews. They used to only be available in wine bottle sizes, but now they also sell the beers in large beer bottles.

According to their website, "Located in the pastoral heart of Nantucket on the way to Cisco Beach , Nantucket Vineyard was established in 1981 by Dean and Melissa Long. Next year marks the 25 th anniversary of our vineyard and we hope you'll join us in person to celebrate this special occasion." The cool part about these folks is that they also distill spiritis and make beer. They're the classic "triple threat." "Part of the mission along the way has been to educate consumers about the production process involved – now islanders and visitors alike have had their consciousness expanded in regard to our fine hand-made libations."
The building complex at Cisco Brewing/Nantucket Vineyards/Triple Eight Distillery is a popular Nantucket destination. I really enjoyed this beer. It was a light, golden colored ale. Very refreshing. It was pungent with hops, yet easy to drink. It went great with our meal, and it went down easy.

Here's another review I found of the beer online.