Thursday, September 02, 2010

2010 Crush Begins in the Finger Lakes

In the Finger Lakes the 2010 crush is underway. I visited several wineries to take pictures and take some video.

Swedish Hill Winery
Dave Peterson and Ian Barry are marveling at the early harvest. Fresh off their success at the New York Wine & Food Classic, they're now managing the truck loads that are being brought to their crush pad. The presses are humming, the giant filter plates are flooded with grape juice. With the heat wave sweeping across the state, the wine ensamble of choice was shorts and waterproof boots. Dave says that this is just the beginning, they have weeks of crush still ahead.

White Springs Winery
Derek Wilbur, and his brother Andrew, are busy managing their crush as well. The giant bladder press was moaning every five minutes, as the bladder expanded, paused, and then expanded a little more. Giant pallet sized containers of grapes were tilted in the Derek's destemmer, which rumbled loudly for a solid few hours.