Saturday, July 10, 2010

Long Island WIne Carousel Continues to Spin

Lenn Thompson, Editor-in-Chief, of the New York Cork Report wrote a piece about the new goings on at Macari Vineyards.

"I'm out of town and don't have all the details just yet, but, the winemaking carousel continues to turn on the North Fork, but with a big-name, non-local twist," wrote Thompson. "Robert Foley, the well-regarded Napa Valley winemaker has agreed to join Macari Vineyards as head winemaker. He'll be joined by current Macari consultant Helmut Gangl, who makes the winery's dessert wines and popular "Early Wine" chardonnay, and new winemaker, Kelly Urbanik formerly of Bedell Cellars."

"While Foley is known best in wine circles for his work at Pride Mountain Vineyards and at his own Robert Foley Vineyards, he's not new to Long Island wine. Starting in 2008, he has been working with The Red Hook Winery, making wines with fruit sourced from the North Fork, including Macari Vineyards," continued Thompson.

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So things proceed at pace. Not Long Island's first flying winemaker, still, interesting to see how the stakes are raising around Long Island. That's quite a team Macari's put together. So now the big powerhouses, as far as winemakers are concerned, include Wolffer and Lenz, and now it seems in the next few years Bedell and Macari will also up the stakes. Les at Raphael should continue the program there. So the stakes get raised. Who'll ante up next?

In the meantime, I've heard nothing about Pindar Vineyards. That spot still seems open. Be interesting to see what they do there.