Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grandview Winery Montmorency Cherry

Dominique and the boys went up to Stowe, Vermont to see her brother, Robin Hoover, and visit with her nieces Charlotte and Eleanor. I had asked her to bring me back a Vermont wine. I decided not to specify a brand. I'd let her pick. She's very picky, so I wasn't sure what I might get. When she returned home she pulled out a red cherry table wine from Grandview Winery.

Grand View Winery is a family owned farm winery producing exceptional grape wines and wines from fruits that grow easily and naturally in East Calais, Vermont. In addition to using fruits from their own orchards and groves, they support other Vermont farms and orchards by purchasing their fruits. They use organically grown produce whenever possible. Over the thirteen years that they have been producing wine, their wines have won regional, national and international awards. While focusing on fruits that grow easily in Vermont, they produce wines that are not overly sweet. Limiting the sweetness brings out more of the natural flavors of the fruit. All wines are allowed to age at least twelve months before bottling. Grape wines are often aged two years. They are very fruit forward, and use no oak barrels nor oak chips to mask the true flavors.

To say I was shocked was an understatement. Dominique is not usually quite so adventurous when it comes to fruit wines. But we've always loved Bartlett Maine Estate Dry Blueberry, so why not try?

Montmorency Cherry was a big, fruit-forward off-dry red. Perfect balance between zesty, tart fruit and fresh subtle sweetness. Slight whiffs of nutmeg or cinnamon-like spice came through as promised. Now, I am not usually an off-dry red person. But the meal that night was barbecued chicken, with fresh home bread, and just made coleslaw.

The wine went perfect! The flavor really stood up to the BBQ sauce, and the touch of sweetness in the wine complimented it beautifully!

A fun, summer BBQ wine. Well done!