Sunday, July 04, 2010

New Jersey Ports - Among the Best on the East Coast

Believe it or not, there are some wonderful ports being made in New Jersey. At the recent East Coast Wine & Food Festival 2010, I tasted a number of dessert wines and ports. These ports were so good, so impressive, so unique, and so consistently good, I thought I would write a separate piece on New Jersey ports.

Now, Chambourcin is growing and growing in popularity between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There are many good red wines these days being made from Chambourcin - everything from light, Pinot styled wines to big, deep, rich reds.

But these four Chambourcin port-styled dessert wines have lots of flavor and are incredibly delicious. These four are among the best ports being made on the east coast today.

Cape May Winery Isaac Smith - The biggest and deepest of all the ports. The ho NJ summer is baked right in like blueberry pie. Thick. Rich. Incredible!

Alba Vineyard Vintage Port 2007 - A very, very nice port, with big fruit and good structure. Impressive.

Unionville Vineyards Port Vat #15 - Luxurious deep red dessert wine. Begs for Stilton the old fashioned way. Gorgeous.

Hopewell Valley 2005 Rosso Porto - Slightly lighter style, but good fruit up front, with solid finish.

You will not go wrong with any of these. In fact, if you like port, you will be very, very happy with these selections! Impressive!