Sunday, June 27, 2010

WVNS-TV Says West Virginia Wine Sales Going Up

Local Wine Festival Shows Upswing in Local Wine Sales
Posted Saturday, June 19, 2010 ; 05:42 PM
Updated Saturday, June 19, 2010; 08:20 PM

The 12th Annual West Virginia Spring Wine Festival was a big hit in Crab Orchard.
By Matthew Smith

CRAB ORCHARD -- Saturday marked the 12th annual West Virginia Spring Wine Festival in Crab Orchard. The event, now a regular event every third Saturday in June, was held at Daniel Vineyards.

Locals were given a chance to test wine from seven vineyards found within our state. Wine enthusiasts say it’s a great event because West Virginia wines have their own special tastes.
Unlike high volume wine exporters, like California and European countries, West Virginia vineyards have a far shorter growing season.

“They’re relatively unknown, but they’re great and have even helped us win some competitions,” Dr. C. Richard Daniel, owner of Daniel Vineyards said.

He adds that word is beginning to spread. Each year the wine festival has grown steadily.

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