Friday, June 25, 2010

Oz, Matt, and Kevin - An Incredible Day

On Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at Sherry-Lehmann in New York City, three of the most important wine writers gathered for a taping to discuss wine.

The participants were Oz Clarke, Matt Kramer, and Kevin Zraly. The conversation ranged form different types of wine, to wine regions, to thoughts on decanting. The taping was organized deftly by Sherry-Lehmann's Director of Sales & Education Robin Kelly O'Connor.

All three writers have new books coming out this year with Sterling Epicure, the new food, wine, beers, and spirits imprint at Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. I am the Editorial Director of Epicure, along with three other imprints at Sterling. But spending a day with these three was something special.

They all have great new books coming out this Fall 2010.

The Ultimate Wine Companion edited by Kevin Zraly is a primer on wine, including more than 30 experts on wine, including Hugh Johnson, Robert M. Parker Jr., Jancis Robinson, Andrea Immer Robinson, Joshua Wesson, Oz Clarke, Matt Kramer, Eric Asimov, Karen McNeill, and many, many more.

Matt Kramer on Wine is a collection of Matt's best columns from the last twenty years. Funny, irreverent, and incredibly insightful, this is classic Matt at his best. Fascinating!

Oz Clark has two new books out. Right now you can buy his new Wine & Grapes The Revised Edition which is almost twice the size of the previous edition, and chock full of information! The second book is Let Me Tell You About Wine, which is an incredibly colorful beginner's guide to wine. Oz breaks down complex ideas into easy to remember, bite-sized chunks of information. Fun as it is informative.

The day started out with Oz and I having lunch with Howard G. Goldberg of the New York Times at Casa Lever on Park Avenue. From there it was a hop, skip, and a jump over to Sherry-Lehmann for the taping. From there, we went to dinner, Oz, Matt, Kevin, myself, Marcus Leaver (Sterling CEO) and Jason Prince (Publisher, Adult).
It was clear that these three giants each had forgotten more about wine than I have ever known. They have traveled, sometimes together, to tastings around the world. The conversations were fascinating. It was a great, great day. What was most fascinating was that during the tapings people on the set were quiet, not just because we were taping, but because people wanted to hear what they were saying. The Sherry-Lehmann staff, who have all certainly seen a lot in their time, were all sneaking up to watch portions of the taping. Everyone was mesmerized.