Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So it was a beautiful Sunday. Sun was shining. The farm looked beautiful. The kids were playing whiffle ball in the backyard. The grill was smoking and sizzling. The dog was asleep n the deck. And my father-in-law, Bob Hoover, was visiting after coming from a senior circuit enduro motorcycle event.

I wanted something special to help celebrate the day. So I reached into the beer fridge and pulled out Flying Fish’s next new big bottle beer. Exit 16 W E Wild Rice Double IPA.

Exit 16 East and West is the Meadowlands exit. Although usually identified with landfills and pipelines, the Hackensack Meadowlands is an amazingly diverse ecosystem providing vital animal and plant habitat. In a nod to a once common food plant here, they’ve brewed this beer with wild rice. They also added organic brown and white rice, as well as pils and pale malts.

“Rice helps the beer ferment dry to better showcase the five different hops we added. Lots and lots of them. We then dry-hopped this Double IPA with even more–generous additions of Chinook and Citra hops to create a nose that hints at tangerine, mango, papaya and pine…If you want to learn more about the restoration of the Meadowlands, visit

Anyway, I poured the beer for both of us. It was a beautiful, blond colored ale. It had a smooth taste, with lots of flavor and lots of strong hops. The bitter flavor made for a clean finish to a very tasty ale. This was an excellent beer. And being in a big bottle, I was savoring the idea of having it with grilled chicken and fresh salad from a local farm. Unfortunately, my father-in-law and I liked it so much, it never made the table. We finished it while watched an inning of whiffle ball which saw seven total runs, a brush back pitch, and lots of laughter.