Sunday, May 09, 2010

Barboursville Barbera Reserve 2003

Few regions in the world offer the soil characteristics, climate and unique growing conditions so essential to the production of premium wines like those found in the Virginia area where Barboursville is located. Owned by the Zonin family, proprietors of the largest Italian wine company, producing wine since 1821, Barboursville Vineyards concentrates on quality. Luca Paschina, Gen. Mgr. and winemaker is a graduate from Umberto I Institute of Oenology in Alba, Italy.

Barboursville continues to be one of my favorite wineries in Virginia and on the East Coast. And my most recent tasting proves why. A friend of mine recently returned home after living for seven years abroad. To celebrate the prodigal's return, I searched my wine cellar for a special bottle. My wife turned up during my search and pulled out one bottle - Barboursville Barbera 2003. A perfect choice!

We went for dinner to the Red Barn restaurant and had a wonderful meal. We uncorked it. The aroma was beautiful. Raspberries, mostly dark, and dark stewed fruits dominated the nose. A hint of vanilla, and maybe eve a whiff of cocoa. The wine on the palate proved the same. Plums, raspberries, and a hint of lakvar? A beautiful bottle wine!