Friday, April 09, 2010

Tomasello Winery Outer Coast Plains, Atlantic County Chambourcin 2007

Tomasello Winery makes many different wines. One my favorites of theirs is the Outer Coastal Plains, Atlantic County, NJ Chambourcin. I tried the 2007 edition just recently. Incredible.

According to Charlie and Jack Tomasello, "Chambourcin has been steadily gaining popularity with wine drinkers." Their Chambourcin wine has won numerous awards including the New Jersey Governors Cup. Chambourcin is a French Hybrid made in a fruity Beaujolais style. The grape leaves a deep color, so the wine is a medium-bodied red, with just enough maturation in oak (on year in American oak) to make a difference.

The result is a wonderful wine with plum and raspberries, and a touch of vanilla. Good tannins and medium acidity make for a well balanced, drinkable wine. A very approachable red.

A very nice version of this grape!