Sunday, April 18, 2010

Roanoak Vineyards - We Bought a Lot of Red Wine

I have always been jealous of New York Cork Report Editor-in-Chief, Lenn Thompson, because he lives out on the Island, where there are so many wonderful wineries right next to one another. And there are those that are sometime hard for me to get my hands on. When Lenn came to visit us one at the farm, one of the first things I asked him to bring was a Roanoak bottle. I read so much about it fon Lenn's NYCR and from Howard G. Goldberg, from the New York Times. I was dying to try some.

Dominique and I were on the North Fork, and decided to stop in at the Roanoak tastingroom for the first time. It was a real treat. The mood in the winery is set with all the dark beautiful woods. Very textural. And of course the wines match to boot.

One of the first ones I had was the 2007 Marco Tulio. This a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Cabernet Franc blend. There’s lots of cherry, from bright fresh fruit, to much deeper, more dark cherries. Maybe some lavender. Definitely some vanilla. A big, deep red wine, with nice balance, and a wonderful finish. I really liked this.

I then had the 2006 Cabernet Franc. Again, lots of cherries. A touch herbal, but in a nice way. A nice touch of vanilla.

And then there was the 2007 Gabby’s Cabernet Franc. The wine is named for Gaspar, father of Richard Pisacano, who managed Wolffer Vineyards until 200, when he founded Roanoak. It’s no surprise here then that the winemaker/consultant is Roman Roth. 92% Cab Franc. 8% Merlot. Wow! I really loved this. Big deep, sour cherries. Lot’s of red and dark raspberry. This was big, deep, smooth rich wine, with lots of great mouthfeel and exciting fruit. It had beautiful tannins. A big red wine, perfect for steak or grilled mushrooms or rich, zesty pasta dishes. Great with a hunk of aged sharp cheese. Among my new favorites from the island.

We bought a fair amount of Roanoak before we left the island. And so should you!