Thursday, April 08, 2010

No. 99 Wayne Gretzky Estates Merlot 2006 - Making Great Wine in Canada

Occassionaly I wrote about Canadian wines. I like Canadian wines. We used to drink more of them than we do now. I used to travel to Toronto (a great town) more often, and so had occassion to taste them more often than I do now, and bring some bottles home.

However, recently I bought a bottle of No. 99 Wayne Gretzky Estates Merlot 2006. "Having my own winery in Niagara allows me to contribute to the growing reputation of wines from a region that's close to my heart and to my home town. Each wine has been created in the service of my foundation and I am very proud of the fact that with every bottle you enjoy, we're able to help kids in communities across Canada," states The Great One. If you know anything about me, I am a sports nut. Giants, Yankees, Knicks, Rangers right down the line. And I loved Messier and Gretzky, no matter which uniform either of them wore.

Merlot 2006 is a fruit-forward dry red wine. Lot's of blackberry and cherry up front. Lots of dark berries, like a blue and blackberry cobbler, with a touch of mocha, and maybe a hint of vanilla. Low to moderate tannins make this a delicious, very drinkable wine.
A nice gift from north of the border.