Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Turdo Vineyards Nero D'Avola (Cape May, NJ)

Turdo Vineyards is a family owned and run operation. It all begins with Sal, he is the owner, as well as master wine maker. His wife Sara, and children Luca and Tanya, have been behind Sal, and helping him from the beginning. His elegant wife Sara, who you will most likely see in the tasting room showcasing her husband’s latest vintages, has been helping and supporting Sal since day one. Luca, Sal’s son, is in charge of the vineyard’s marketing and advertising. And, most recently took over the responsibility of Turdo Vineyard’s bottle and label design. He's done a great job changing the look into a much more modern, slick package. Looks great, Luca!

Dominique and I met Sal and Sarah almost six years ago, while on vacation in Cape May, and we fell in love with their wines. We were so impresses with what they had accomplished, I was able to convince Dominique to go out and buy a farm.

Just recently when I was at Wineries Unlimited I stumbled across a bottle of Turdo Vineyards Nero D’Avola. I didn't see Sal, but I sure like to drink his wine.
Nero D'Avola is the great grape of Sicily and is the most important indigenous variety of Italy. It is named after the small city of Avola near Siracuse. It has been grown exclusively in Sicily for centuries, and now Sal's growing it on Cape May!

Sal's Nero D’Avola was a beautiful red ruby color. There were also intense flavors of ripe black cherry and wild blackberry. And also spicy notes of charcoal, vanilla and black pepper.
On the palate, bursting flavors of ripe fruit and exotic spices are balanced by pleasant acidity and silky tannins.

It was a wonderful, drinkable wine. Really top notch. I expect nothing less from Sal at Turdo!