Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paradise Hills Vineyard President's Reserve in Wallingford, CT

So, while I was at Wineries Unlimited, I tasted a wonderful Connecticut wine, President's Reserve from Paradise Hills Vineyard & Winery, located at 15 Windswept Hill Road, in Wallingford, CT. They are on the Washington Trail, on which the General marched scrounging up recruits and supplies during the Revolutionary War.

Richard Ruggiero is the founder. "We're a bonded winery and the tasting room is being finished now. Paradise Hills will open sometime in June or July of 2010. It's a Tuscan style building, with a very relaxing Tuscan style atmosphere. There will be six or seven wines available for tasting when the tasting room opens," said Richard Ruggiero.

"We grow seven different varieties on 5 acres, planted on a 65 acre farm," Ruggiero added. So, there's plenty of room for growth. Building the tastingroom is taking up a lot of their attention this spring. But then, the following spring, they intend on planting a few more acres, and then some more.

They grow mostly Chardonnay. They will offer a 100% Estate Chardonnay. "Some is blended with Seyval Blanc to make Washington Trail White," said Ruggerio. They will also be offering Washington Trail Red, which is a Rhone-ish red wine, light and fruity. It is predominantly Chambourcin.

What I tasted was President's Choice, the biggest of their red wines that will be available when the tastingroom opens. President's Choice is made from Chambourcin, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. The Chambourcin is estate grown. The wine has some oak to it.

This is a lovely, medium-bodied, garnet red colored dry red wine. There were lots of dark cherry, plum, and a touch of raspberry, with a hint of vanilla and oak. Excellent balance, with nice fruit up front, and solid tannin s and acidity to make for a well balanced wine. A very nice wine. I liked very much! Great with grilled meats, spicy pasta dishes, and with some aged Parmesan or Cheddar.

Really looking forward to when they open!!!!