Friday, March 05, 2010

Macari Vineyards Merlot Reserve 2005 is Wonderful!

Macari has been one of my favorite red wine producers since I started drinking Bergen Road, a red meritage-styled blend they did years ago. Their reds were always a classy blend of forward, bright-cherry, dark-cherry flavors, but with elegant touches of oak and acidity. Well balanced, and very drinkable. I used to think Bergen Road was the bomb, as they say, but Macari wines have only gotten better and better.

Macari Vineyards, located on the North Fork of Eastern Long Island in Mattituck, is owned and operated by the Macari Family. The business is led by owners Joseph Macari Sr. and his wife, Katherine, and Joseph Macari Jr., who is at the helm of the winery with his wife, Alexandra. Though Macari Vineyards was established in 1995, the Macari Family has owned the 500 acre waterfront estate for nearly 50 years.

Macari is on the cutting edge of viticulture and is dedicated to a more natural approach to winemaking. Joseph Macari, Jr. is recognized as a pioneer in the movement towards organic and sustainable farming on Long Island, employing principles of biodynamic farming since the vineyard’s first plantings.

Macari's airy Tasting Room and Winery was designed by Carol DiCicco-Vinci. The Macari Family produces consistently award-winning wines.
The night I tasted the Macari Merlot Reserve 2005 was after a long, tough day at the office. I wasn't sure that I didn't need a martini more than I wanted to taste a glass of wine. I was tense, wound up and tired at the same time, as anyone who commutes long distances knows what I am talking about, especially after an all meeting day. Ugh!

But I carried on. I poured, looked, smelled, tasted. I was chewing the wine with all the frustration in me. And then I had another sip. It was good, not that I hadn't expected it to be. But I mean it was good! and then I had another sip, and suddenly I couldn't remember what I was so frustrated about, and hen when I did remember, I told myself not to be so aggravated. And then I took another sip, and I relaxed and settled in.
We had the wine with some hard, Parmesan like cheese, and a cut up French baguette. Fabulous! There were black cherry, dark berries, and a touch of plumb? Maybe some toffee as promised. And a nice dose of vanilla, but not too much. Nice balance. Good tannins. And a smooth, smooth finish. Wow! It reminded me, somewhat, of a really good California wine - and I mean that as a true compliment. All I tasted was fruit. Deep fruit. It was magical. Fabulous! Wonderful! Dominique and I drank the whole bottle, and we fought over the last half glass. Really good!