Friday, March 26, 2010

Lehigh Valley Wine Trail - One of the Best on the East Coast

The Lehigh Wine Trail is one of the best wine trails on the east coast.

The fertile farmlands, rich in shale and limestone and favored with a moderated climate, provide an ideal growing environment for vineyards of both traditional Vinifera wine grapes and Native American grapes. The area’s close proximity to Philadelphia and New York City make the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail a beautiful and easy escape for the wine lover.

The Lehigh Valley Wine Trail is a non-profit organization composed of nine family-owned wineries to promote premium Pennsylvania wines from the Lehigh Valley. The wine trail displays one of the largest wineries in the state, a few mid-sized wineries and several boutique wineries.

Wineries include:
Big Creek
Blue Mountain
Cherry Valley
Clover Hill
Franklin Hill
Galen Glen
Pinnacle Ridge

Why are they so good in my opinion? Here goes:

1. Wonderful wineres from top down. I'm a big fan of Blue Mountain (since back when they both hard dark, long hair). Big fan of Pinnacle Ridge. Clover Hill is a very strong, and very smart operation. Vyncrest is a successful mid-sized organization.

2. Solid wine up and down the trail. Five of the nine wineries have won the Governor's Cup in the last five years! That's not just luck! That's a commitment to quality!

3. Picked a grape and stuck with it - Chambourcin. They make no excuses. Everyone one on the trail makes one. No questions asked. And they do an event every year where they do a nouveau with Chambourcin. Very, very smart. And all the Chambourcins are from Good to Great.

4. Fairly easy to get up and down the trail.

5. Great events (five yearly) and great passport program. If your a local and like wine, you're crazy not to be on their passport program. Not onl are there wonderful events, you get discounts at participating businesses - lodging, dining, and other local businesses. Their March Maddness tasting menu is four dishes per winery, at every winery. Now that's value!

6. Lehigh Valley Cookbook - enough said!

Don't believe me? Go!