Wednesday, March 17, 2010

James Molesworth Praises Finger Lakes Wine Region in Wine Spectator

The reading line said it all, “Impressive Rieslings and ambitious reds push quality higher.” James Molesworth lauded several personalities n the Finger Lakes, while writing “Quality is on the upswing in New York’s Finger Lakes region, near the state’s northern border…Whites, especially Riesling, remain the strong suit….”

Molesworth hailed Sam Artgetsinger, Morten Hallgren, Phil Davis, Lou Damiani, and Rob Thomas among others. He also praised labels Ravines, Damiani, and Shalestone Winery among many.

He then awarded some heft scores out to a few Finger Lakes wines:

Lamoreaux Landing 76 West Finger Lakes 2007 an 87!
p.s. I wrote about this wine last July. It's great!

Lamoreaux Landing Merlot Landing an 86.

Fox Run Dry Riesling Finger Lakes 2007 received an 86.
Congrats to all!