Friday, March 19, 2010

Astor Place Celebrates Long Island

So, I went to the Long Island Wine Tasting at Astor Wines & Spirits down on Lafayette and 4th Streets. I took a taxi down town around 6pm or so. There were lots of people there.

Here's many of the LI wine personalities that showed up for the event.

Howard G. Goldberg fo the New York Times was there.

James Waters, owner of Waters Crest.

Leslie Howard, winemaker at Pindar Vineyards.

Peggy Lauber, National Sales Director at Wolffer Estates, and co-founder of Corey Creek, now owned by Michael Lind.

Catherine Lo, who writes about wine for Good Housekeeping.

Masha J. Palanchi of Cornerstone Communications, who planned a wonderful event.

Miguel Martin of Palmer Vineyards.

Ronald B. Goerler owner of Jamesport Vineyards and Tanya Robinson, wine consultant, Aster Wines & Spirits.

Alan J. Wax, wine writer.

And the long but pleasant taxi ride to my bed. Where I slept very well.
A great time! Wine reviews to follow!