Friday, March 19, 2010

8 Fantastic Days!

The last 8 days of my life have been exciting and excrutiating...but all in all...a lot of fun!

Starting last Friday, I was working with Kevin Zraly on his new book, The Ultimate Wine Companion, which will be coming out in Fall 2010. It is the ultimate wine book, with the world's most famous wine experts, many of them Kevin's friends, telling you about their understanding of wine from their expetise...Hugh Johnson on the history of wine; Robert Parker on the tasting of wine; Matt Kramer on Sonoma; etc. It's one of the most insightful wine books I have ever read. That's Kevin above with one of his sisters at CIA. And while we were there I saw Steven Kolpan teaching wine class in the Wine Spectator Lecture Hall. Later he came up to say hello to Kevin and I was introduced. A lot fo fun. A real thril.

Then last weekend, The World Wine Guys (Mike and Jeff) came up to the Hudson Valley, and I gave them a tour of Columbia County including the wineries, distilleries, and creameries of the region. It was a lot of fun! They're great!

Then this week were many of the big, grand portfolio tasting events. I went with my friend Eric Hirsch, who owns Fusion Wines in New Jersey, to the Polaner Portfolio Tasting. We tasted lots of great wines from France, Italy, Germany, California, and Washington. Met lots of winemakers and winery owners. Very cool. Also saw Tom and Mary Hack of East Chatham Wines and Spirits. Good folks!

The I did the Long Island Wine Tasting at Astor Place last night. Lots of fun there too! Howard Goldberg of the New York Times was there, as were many others.

I'm such a wine geek. But it was fun!