Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Racoon Ridge Masked Bandit Meritage 2003

There are several brands of wine that make up the Prince Michel of Virginia product line: Madison, Rapidan River, Prince Michel, Symbius, and most recently, Raccoon Ridge. Each is located at a different price point and is targeted at different groups of wine drinkers. Raccoon Ridge is a brand new wine and Gotham Graphix based the label design around a charming watercolor drawing of “Rocky” Raccoon. An effervescent typeface proclaims the name of the wine while bright bars of color form the frame of the label. At the 2005 American Marketing Association’s Excellence in Marketing Awards, Gotham Graphix received an Emma Award for this label design.

When Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery was founded 26 years ago, a vision was formed out of the love of Virginia and its relationship with the vine. Prince Michel has since grown to become one of the largest, most widely distributed, and recognized wineries in the state and along the east coast.

I had not heard of this wine before I found it. But Prince Michel is a very reputable and large producer. This was not an expensive bottle of wine, but the look of the package, and the label were nice.

However, I was quite pleased by the wine. Firstly it smelled of vanilla and plums. It was a deep red color, more a Bordeaux or maroon color, than a bright claret style. And on the mouth deep berries and plums came through, and as the wine opened up plum became the over riding aroma. The wine had lots of fruit up front, but finnished smooth and dry. A very, very good wine!

I had this deep red wine with a home made turkey pot pie from Red Barn in upstate New York. The pie was exquisite. Perhaps the wine really should have been paired with steak, roasted meats or vegetables, or a big, spicy pasta dish. But regradless, it was very tasty.