Sunday, January 03, 2010

Brooklyn Brewery Big Bottle Series - Awesome!

I am a big fan of Brooklyn Brewing. I love, love, love their chocolate sotut. Incredible.

But I am into quality beers bottled in big bottles, especially those that are bottle conditioned or bottle fermented. I love French and Belgian brews in Burgundian-style bottles. So I was a lock for this beer. I opened a ottle up hile watching my beloved but underperforming NewYork Football Giants versus the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings were up for the game. To paraphrase Michael Strahan, the Giants seemed to have licked the stamp and the envelope last week.

I bought Local 1 and Local 2. Local 1 is a Belgian-styled unfiltered ale. Local 2 combines Belgian dark sugar and New York state raw wild honey. There's lots of dark fruit and caramel. But it's not sweet. It's complex and tremendous!!!!