Tuesday, December 15, 2009

White Spring Estate Farm Winery Serendipity

Winemaker Derek Wilbur of White Spring Estate Winery. Derek is easilly one of my favorite winemakers in the Finger Lakes. I especially like his whites. One I had never tried before was yet another fun new wine. A real crowd pleaser.

Serendipity is a semi-sweet light white blend.A semi-sweet white wine with grapefruit flavors and a slight berry aroma. Finishes very crisp and clean. A blend of Gewurztraminer, Cayuga White and Isabella. Residual Sugar: 3.3%
Serendipity is a wonderful wine. Great acidity balances the flavor and the sweetess. A really, really nice wine. Great for the holidays, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Fourth of July!