Monday, December 07, 2009


On Sunday night, December 6th, City Winery in New York City hosted a tasting event featuring many wineries from around the state as well as many local New York State food producers. The event was well handled by City Winery, and there was a huge, and happy crowd tasting and sampling.

Rory Callahan (who hosts the winemakers in numeorus city Greenmarkets ) and Jim Trezise (President of the NYWGA) deserve a lot of credit for making it happen. They did a great job putting it together and making things happen quickly and efficiently. Congratulations, gentlemen!

It was a great event, and it was a ncieway to introduce New York City dwellers to the infinite number of great wines and food products that are being made in their state.

Working the room, and greeting many friends, Lenn Thompon, and his lovely wife, Nena, sampled wines from all around the state, taking copious notes, and snapping tons of photos. Easilly a couple of weeks worth of reviews balled up into one night. Lenn and I have been corresponding for four years, yet it was the first time we'd actually met in person. He's a great guy, and an important voice in New York state wine. Great job, Lenn!

Everyone did a great job and had lots of fun!!!!