Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jerram Vineyards Vespers Late Harvest Vignoles

Jerram Vineyards is located on Hill Town Road in New Hartford, Connecticut. They opened their doors in 1998.

James Jerram runs the vineyards and winery with his wife, who runs a gardening supply. This allows the couple to combine their favorite hobbies, and cuts their commute down to a stroll in the back yard! As James explained, “I do this because I like to do this.” It’s a labour of love, and the love shines through in the way he talks about his vines and wines.

James is no newcomer to winemaking in Connecticut. He began the winery in 1982 with a planting of Marechal Foch. Unfortunately, weather in New England is rarely cooperative. He lost 100 vines outright during a winter storm, and another 100 died the following year, giving grapes as they went. In the late ’80s he added in Seyval and Vignoles, and soon Villard de Blanc and Chambourcin followed. His love of growing goes beyond grapes – his vineyards deliberately curl around an old Bartlett Pear tree which he loves. He has even made pear wine from the fruit!

One of their most popular wines is Vespers. Vespers is a late harvest Vignoles. Smooth, silky, with touches of apricot and honey, this is a classic dessert wine. Great for cheese or dessert.