Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Baltimore Sun Lauds 2006 Black Ankle Rolling Hills

Wine find: 2007 Black Ankle 'Rolling Hills'
By Michael Dresser
November 25, 2009
Baltimore Sun
From: Frederick County
Price: $26

Serve with: Roast turkey, beef tenderloin

So I walk into my local wine shop, and there's a woman there pouring samples of the best dry Maryland table wines I've ever tasted.The winery is called Black Ankle, and this extraordinary red isn't necessarily the best of them - just the one with the greatest availability. (Seek out high-end wine shops or call the winery at 301-829-3338.)

The Rolling Hills blend - made up of traditional Bordeaux varietal with a dollop of pinot noir and syrah - is incredibly smooth, complex and elegant. It just oozes with flavor of black cherry, blackberry and spice. It should age well over the next five years but there's no reason to wait.

More information: blackankle.com