Thursday, November 26, 2009


So, we were on the road to Vermont to visit to my brother-in-law Robin Hoover, the chef at the Alchemist over in Waterbury, to see him for a little pre-Thanksgiving Day celebrating. But the road was long and winding. And for a second time Dawson, our son, insisted we stop at a gas station. We pulled into a Gulf Station, and Dominique insisted I accompany him in.

With a Arggggh and Umpfff, I got out of the van, packed solid with food, dog, bedding, cases of wine, and what not, and enteed the mini-mart. What I thought would hold milk and bread, etc. was in fact a package store. And they had local wines. My favorite!

So I bought six bottles of local wine before Dawson could get the key, use the facilities, and make it back with the key to the manager. Boom!

So we get to Robin’s house and unpack the 1,000 things in the car, and we make for the doors. Fifteen minutes later, cheeses, breads, and other exotic food stuffs.

And out I pull a bottle of Big Red Barn from Boyden Valley Winery.

The winery is owned by David and Linda Boyden. Located in a restored 1875 carriage barn on our family farm, the Boyden Valley Winery is steeped in the culture and agricultural heritage of Vermont’s Green Mountains. From 8000 grapevines and 100 acres of maple trees, lovingly tended by our family for four generations, we craft wines that feature only the finest locally grown fruit from the loamy soils of the Lamoille River Valley. The care with which we’ve nurtured the Boyden Farm for 100 years lends itself to traditional winemaking techniques, producing wines clean to the palate and balanced.

Vermont’s signature barns make a statement, and this one is no exception. Big Barn Red is their most popular table wine. Made from Frontenac grapes resilient enough to stand up to the cold, Big Barn Red is a bold, well-balanced wine similar to a Bordeaux with high tannin and overtones of black raspberries and black currant.

It was deep, dark, and well balanced. A nice nose, with lots of raspberry, the wine had lots of dark fruit up front, and a nice smooth finish. A really, really pleasant surprise. I was really happy I’d bought two bottles of that! One goes into the cellar!

A great find and a wonderful big red table wine. Very, very nice.

Something to be thankful for!!