Saturday, October 31, 2009

Washington Post Praises Loudon County Wines

Dave McIntyre
The Washington Post
Oct 14, 2009

"The wineries are more than mere wedding factories or pleasant weekend diversions. There's much to like in Loudoun County wine," wrote McIntyre

"The diversity of varietals is what sets Loudoun County wine apart," said Lori Corcoran, co-owner with her husband, Jim, of Corcoran Vineyards and president of the Loudoun Wineries Association. Corcoran herself is bullish on malbec. Harris at Tarara is betting on syrah. At Chrysalis, near Middleburg, Jennifer McCloud champions Norton as Virginia's native grape, but her albariƱo has proved so successful that at least two other Loudoun wineries, Sunset Hills and Willowcroft, are now growing it. David Collins at Breaux Vineyards produces nebbiolo that brings a taste of Piemonte to the Piedmont.

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