Saturday, October 31, 2009

VinoTrip Great New Maryland/Virginia Wine Blog

Discovered a new Maryland/Virginia wine blog the other day. This guys is pretty good.

It's not the prettiest of websites, but's functional, simple, well written, and has solid tasting notes and lots of local wine news. He's also got great photos.

Launched to minimal acclaim and fanfare in November of 2007, Vinotrip focuses on Maryland and Virginia wine but often spills over into hard-hitting analysis of wine business from around the world. Vinotrip is written by Gary Moore, a freelance software engineer and Maryland native. Gary spent several years in San Francisco writing software for Vinfolio, a collector services company and online wine retailer. After moving back to Baltimore from California in 2007, Gary figured that what the world really needed now was another wine blog. Without hesitation, he installed Wordpress and unleashed his uninformed opinions on wine upon the world. He is accredited at nothing regarding wine, has received no awards, and his opinions should not be read by anyone. The views expressed in this blog are his own.

Agree with his notes on Elk Run:

2007 Elk Run Viognier. Nice. Springy apple and peach. Lots of acidity. 82.
Like I always say, I am nothing if not brief.

Still the leader in the clubhouse in Maryland is the 2007 Elk Run Gewurztraminer Cold Friday Vineyard
The first sniff gave me the same sort of I-don’t-know that I get in a lot of Maryland wines. I don’t quite know what it is (Old Bay?) but MD wines, both red and white, but it’s a little sulfuric, sharp… not particularly unpleasant but just distinct. The mystery aroma blew off after a few minutes. Past that, there was apple and beach, mostly round, full aromas. The wine had a Juicy Fruit, honeyed taste initially, very layered. Good acidity. The whole thing was almost a little wild. A nice, dry, light caramel finish followed. The wine changed for the better over several hours, giving out more fruit and maturing into complexity. On open, the wine was more of a New World style and after some time it developed a hint of minerality and Old World Characteristics, like something Alsacian. 88.

Check it out: