Thursday, October 08, 2009

Piedmont Wine Trail Launches in Maryland

The wineries of Baltimore and Harford counties have joined together to form the Piedmont Wine Trail. The trail was launched at Fiore Winery on Sept. 16. Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith and Harford County Executive David Craig spoke of the industry's importance in growing the region's rural economy.

A short drive into the country from Baltimore leads you deep into the state’s agricultural heritage, where Maryland wine began and award-winning wineries thrive today. Visit historic towns, hike through numerous state parks and tour the many cultural attractions set along the Piedmont Wine Trail.

Baltimore and Harford counties’ countryside provides a vibrant landscape of rolling hills dotted with thoroughbred horse farms and nationally-recognized wineries producing cellar-worthy reds and lively white wines.

Wineries include: Basignani, Boordy, Dejon, Fiore, Hartford, Legends, Mt. Felix Estate, and Woodhall.