Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hunt Country's Foxy Lady Gets a Face Lift

Hunt Country's Foxy Lady has been one of their most popular wines.

Foxy Lady Blush (750mL) $7.99 A blush from a Lady who doesn't! Foxy Lady Blush features the lively taste of native American Catawba grape.

Foxy Lady Red (750mL) $7.99 A sweet and satisfying red that features the classic lively taste of the Concord grape. Foxy Lady Red is also delicious in winter, when blended with mulling spices and served hot (hot mulled wine).

Foxy Lady White (750mL) $7.99 Foxy Lady White is light and lively, with the classic taste of Niagara grapes.

Hunt Country, run by Art and Joyce Hunt, is reall one of the houses that helped establish the Finger Lakes region. And they are still going strong. One might suspect that daughter Susan Hunt might have been behind the push, as she is now more and more of a presence at the winery.

The new packaging is tremendous. A great new face for one foxy lady!